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La Boum Brunch

“ We’re not just throwing a party. We’re pretending our parents are away for the weekend, and we have the keys to the liquor cabinet.  This is not your grandmother’s brunch, this is LA BOUM."   -Christopher L, Co-Owner

La Boum (noun: la booem) from the French slang popular with teens for “house party”

This is a revolutionary style brunch where guest dine and party and do everything they weren’t allowed to do under pure parental supervision as young adults. This adult only (21+) brunch party takes its name from the French slang for “house party,” also the name of the 1980 teen romp that launched the career of Sophie Marceau, the Parisian Molly Ringwald.

Guests will be enticed by a delicious brunch menu as a DJ spins an infectious playlist. The lights will be dimmed, the shades will be closed, and corks will be popping. There is never a dull moment as the hosts take you on a three-hour afternoon experience always with smart twist and turns from the mundane DC brunches. Likewise, this brunch is not for the conservative or the weary.

No Kids, No Chores, No Errands, No Laundry, come ready to party, forget about real life for the afternoon and be prepared to stay the entire afternoon. This is truly a unique viral party experience.


Master of Ceremonies
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Former Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus clown, Jim Dandy has been a DC favorite variety emcee for years. Recently joining the La Boum team, Jim will host you through a four-hour brunch magic carpet ride, with twist and turns along the way. 

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Two parts spellbinding one part vixen, Eva Mystique is the bruja of your wet dreams. Eva is a nationally known burlesque performer. She'll get you all hot and bothered with her fire dancing and will blow your mind with a hula hoop. She oozes sensuality from every pore and beckons you with just a glance; it's only a matter of time before she casts her spell on you. Be careful... Eva Mystique is the witch that cannot be burned.

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Music Maestro
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DJ Ruben has performed at more than a dozen bars and clubs in the DC metro area since 1999, including, Spirit of Washington, Maté, Cafe Citron, Guarapo, Chi-Cha Lounge, El Techo, Flash, 18th st Lounge, The O-Lounge, Wunder Garten DC, El Gallo Gallo Cancun, Terraza Guanabana in Tepoztlan Mexico.



12:00 PM
Doors Open (Only one seating)
1:30 PM
Show Begins
12:15 - 1:30 PM
Brunch Served
4:00 PM
Event Ends


Bar and Lounge

Tucked in the heart of Dupont Circle South, this venue is built for brunch partying. In a space with no windows, your play place experience is completely private.

1730 M. ST NW
Washington, DC 20036
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